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Take Courage

A lighthouse beacon pierces the darkness and gives direction to those in danger. But the lighthouse itself must withstand what the wind and surf dish out.

A bold person can also clarify a situation, but he or she must have a firm commitment to integrity and a willingness to endure.

Overcome Fear

Boldness is not disregard for danger. A bold person recognizes the consequences of doing wrong, and this realization puts other fears in perspective.

In order to address a workplace conflict, a person must often work through his or her own uneasiness about the outcome and identify the right thing to do. This person asks, “What is my responsibility to the organization and to my coworkers?” not “How can I avoid losing my job?”

Address Injustice

Many become distracted by how an action will make them look, and some try to avoid making a decision altogether. As a result, they impose on others and perpetuate the injustice they thought they could avoid.

A lighthouse need only take one night off to precipitate disaster, and it only takes one unaddressed wrong to erode relationships and undermine your team’s effectiveness.

Have Confidence

Boldness brings hope, not in the pleasantness of the outcome but in the rightness of the action. A bold person’s confidence rests on integrity, not personal charisma or popular support.

Boldness begins with an honest assessment. Identify the problem, recognize how you contributed, and fulfill your responsibility.

Individuals with differing roles should approach injustice differently. An executive must identify team members who can make a difference and work with them to address the issue. A supervisor might appeal to a higher authority as well as address whatever details fall within his or her jurisdiction.

Every person contributes to the workplace for better or worse. Develop the boldness to address your shortcomings, tell the truth, and promote justice.

Boldness In Balance

Persuade Effectively

Persuasiveness is “guiding vital truths around another’s mental roadblocks.” Do not confuse boldness with brashness. A bold person should consider how others will hear what needs to be said and choose words they will understand. Get to know others so that you can communicate more effectively.

Think Compassionately

Compassion is “investing whatever is necessary to heal the hurts of others.” Compassion allows a bold person to address wrongs and restore relationships. Identify with others so that you can make the situation right and build peaceful relationships.

Act Cautiously

Cautiousness is “knowing how important right timing is in accomplishing right actions.” There is a time for everything, and a bold person must remain aware of the situation in order to develop the best approach. Identify when and how you can do the most good, and time your words and actions carefully.