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As oil distributors, Boswell Oil Company in Athens, GA makes it a priority to educate people about types of motor oil and oil industry innovations. We will post the latest news and information about the products we provide.

Chevron Price Increase

Chevron is announcing a general price increase of all lubricating oils and greases up to 6% effective December 4, 2017. Additional suppliers are posting increases and is being tracked on Jobbers World, visit

PC-11 Announcements

The next generation of Heavy Duty Engine Oils is here, establishing new industry standards to deliver significant improvements in engine protection and fuel economy. On December 1, 2016 two new categories of oil standards were licensed: API CK-4 and FA-4. Both deliver superior performance over current oils. CK-4 oils protect new and older engine models. FA-4 oils are designed to provide optimized fuel economy for 2017 engines.

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