Commercial Fuels and Services

Boswell Oil Company in Athens, GA sells and delivers a full line of quality branded and private label gasoline, diesel fuels, bio-fuel and alternative fuels. We service contractors, fleets, government organizations, agricultural users, industry and individual purchasers of fuel. We own and operate a complete fleet of transport and tank wagon vehicles to supply the quantities of products you require. Our customer focus and flexible fleet allow us to deliver as little as 500 gallons of home heating oil to a residence or a million gallons of fuel to a fleet client, and just about anything in between.

Boswell Oil also offers a complete line of inventory management tools for your convenience. Whether you require your tanks be kept full or on an as needed basis, Boswell’s remote inventory system can be tailored to your business.

Ready to consider installing on-site fueling at your location? Let a Boswell team member help you with equipment procurement, installation and permitting. At Boswell, our goal is simple: to offer a solution that makes sense and improves the bottom line of customers.

For more information Boswell’s commercial services, please contact Kristin Meyer at

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