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We can get you onto the inside track when it comes to understanding the market. We can also be your broker to access to fuel and lubricants for government and fleet use.

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This means that at Boswell we make it our standard to fulfill every need of our customers. Pursuing that goal has made us the leader in petroleum products and transport across the Southeast. It has also given us long-standing relationships with major transnational oil companies, brokers and government agencies. We can uniquely act as the broker for sought after contracts, whether you’re in private or public enterprise..
Imagine getting your petroleum needs met from a single supplier…helping you save on logistics and giving you faster, more competent service. Not only do you get this all-encompassing service, you’ll get our inside knowledge of the industry from both the private and government sectors.
We are currently an active registrant with SAM (System for Award Management).

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Boswell Oil Company in Athens, GA sells and delivers a full line of quality branded and private label gasoline, diesel fuels, bio-fuel and alternative fuels…
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Boswell Oil Company in Athens, GA is a full service petroleum and oil/lubricants marketer, with retail clients in North Georgia, Eastern Georgia and surrounding states. Whether you are looking…
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Boswell Oil Company in Athens, GA distributes a wide range of industrial and commercial lubricants, hydraulic fluid and engine oils. We are proud to feature industry-leading…
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DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) is a high purity solution in water (32.5%). It is used to chemically transform harmful nitrogen oxide emissions from America’s diesel powered vehicles…
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Chevron ISOCLEAN Fluid Conditioning Services provides contamination control for your circulating lubrication systems. ISOCLEAN helps reduce wear, decreases…
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